Introducing our other Animals


For many years we have shown dogs. 
It started over 20 years ago with a Basset Hound, then we went onto breed and show Bull Terriers. We now only have our foundation Girl DeeDee who is 10 and not in the best of health, but while she is eating and can hear a crisp packet at 50 feet she is doing ok.
Agatha is our gentle giant but a gret guard dog, our new years eve puppy 6 years ago.
Then we have the Wirehaired Dachshunds. Achilles was a rescue at 4 months old and is a non KC standard wire. An absolute loony. Trucker came to us at 4 years old in 2019 for me to carry on his show career and is a fully health tested and a proven stud mini wire. Then we have Beatrice, only just arrived at Purrfectpawz, and hopefully will be our new show girl and brood bitch.
Again like the cats they all live in the house as members of the family and are loved and adored by all.