Litter Plans


All our current kittens are booked. We are hoping for kittens at the end of summer from Briar and Sprout. We no longer make a waiting list. Any kittens will be advertised after their 1st vaccination and health check.


All kittens come with a contract that if new owners cannot look after them in the lifetime of the cat we will always take a kitten/cat back or help to rehome them.
No cat/kitten is to be sold to a 3rd party entire and must be neutered/spayed before rehoming.


Recent breedings

On 5th December lily was mated with sprout our new osh tabby boy. Kittens due about the 9th February.This will be lily's final litter. She will be spayed and will look for a retirement home towards the middle of the year.On 16th December lady penelope was mated to spud and kittens should be due from 19th February.


All kittens leave not before 13 weeks and are fully vaccinated, microchipped,4 generation pedigree, gccf registration, 4 weeks free insurance, kitten pack and contract. 

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Adhering to the rules and regulations on breeding by the GCCF